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Taking photos of newborn babies and young children is just so much fun, you never know what they are going to do next, full of smiles they are inquisitive and adventurous showing off their developing personalities.

Newborn baby photography sessions are available as one hour sessions through to two or three hours with the longer shoots giving me time to photograph your baby awake and asleep during feeds etc.

The baby photography session can be taken when your baby is as young as one week old.

I have various props from knitted bonnets, caps and outfits, I do however prefer a more natural approach to photographing babies rather than dressing them up.

The baby photography sessions are best done at your own home where your child will feel more relaxed and you have what you need to care for your child at arms reach.

Session Prices:

1 hour newborn / baby photography session at home £95 all photos on USB

2 hour newborn / baby photography session at home £175  all photos on USB

3 hour newborn / baby photography session at home £245 all photos on USB

Hi Quality Prints

Below are the prices for hi-resolution hi-quality images of your shoot that can be purchased from 1 -50. The prints are printed at the highest level on standard gloss and luster paper or beautiful metallic or High Gloss paper, this is the best there is (in my mind) with vibrant highlights, strong contrasts.

size(inches) standard gloss or lustre metallic or high gloss
6 x 4 £1.95 £2.95
7 x 5 £2.30 £3.00
8 x 6 £2.95 £3.95
10 x 8 £4.00 £5.00
12 x 8 (A4) £5.25 £7.250
12 x 10 £5.85 £7.85
15 x 10 £6.85 £8.45
16 x 12 (A3) £7.95 £10.95
18 x 12 £8.80 £11.00
20 x 16 £11.00 £14.35
24 x 20 £16.00 £21.00
30 x 20 £21.00 £28.65
36 x 24 £37.00 £42.00
40 x 30 £59.40 £63.00

Postage cost is not included and is set a standard rate of £4.24 per delivery

Your photos will be available to view on my web site for up to 6 weeks to show your friends and family with a secure login.

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Blackpool Baby Photographer

Thank you so much for the photos they are amazing. It was a pleasure to have you as our photographer and the way in which you conducted our photos was exactly what we were after.

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