Clodagh and Craig

11th July 2022

The wedding of Clodagh and Craig on the 11th of July 2022 took place at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe.

The day started off at the spinning block hotel for the bridal preparations, a lovely hotel with plenty of character in the rooms. As the bridal preparations got underway the bridesmaid started to arrive all eleven of them, making for quite a busy room I'm slightly overwhelmed by all the women getting ready, but all fun, nonetheless.

While the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready the groom Craig was relaxing in the boiler house beer hall with his friends and fellow guests.

Soon everyone was ready, and it was time for the bride and her bridesmaids to head out to the boiler house function room for the wedding ceremony a fantastic large rustic room with fantastic deco I'm peeling paint from the wooden beams and walls making for a great texture.

After the ceremony, it was time to head outside for some traditional photos and the confetti before heading back into the spinning block Bistro bar for drinks. later on, everyone headed back into the boiler house function room for the wedding breakfast and speeches, before being turned around into the evening function room.

A fantastic wedding with great people from all around the world coming together to celebrate this wonderful wedding at the great Holmes mill in Clitheroe.

The wedding sign
The Brides wedding shoes
The Brides wedding dress
The Brides wedding dress hanging up
The Brides wedding dress and engagement ring
Clodagh the Bride having her makeup done in the morning
Clodagh looking at herself in the mirror
The groom and best man having a drink
All the bridesmaids ready for the wedding
clodagh the Bride posing for a photo with a reflection in the mirror
clodagh the Bride walking into the ceremony room
clodagh the Bride walking into the ceremony room
Craig and clodagh say their wedding vows
Bride and groom exchange wedding rings
The bride and groom exchange wedding vows Holmes Mill Clitheroe
The groom Craig puts on the Brides wedding ring
The happy couple and now husband and wife
The bride and groom seal their wedding with a kiss
The happy couple pose for a wedding photo
The bride and groom with all the bridesmaids
The bride and groom walk down the aisle hand in hand
Time for the confetti throwing
Bride and groom wedding photography Holmes Mill Clitheroe
Group photo of the bride and groom and all their guests
The bride and groom enter the reception room at Holmes Mill Clitheroe
The wedding speeches gets underway
The bride's uncle reads a wedding speech to the Bride
The bride and groom sitting at the top table
The bride and groom laughing at the wedding speeches
The Bride gives her mother some flowers
The bride and groom's reflection in a wine glass
Bride and groom pose for a wedding photo at Holmes Mill Clitheroe
The bride and  groom look into the mirror
The bride and groom stood on the staircase looking out the window
wedding photos Clitheroe
Bride and groom poems for a wedding photo
The cutting of the wedding cake with bride and groom at Holmes Mill
The bride and groom have fun on the first dance
Everyone enjoying the bride and groom dance routine
The bride has a dance with her uncle
Groom Dances with the Brides mother
All the guests enjoy the evening party and dance the night away

Those that made the day possible

  • Cake: Mousetrap Cheese

  • Flowers: Myself

  • Wedding Dress: Asos

  • Venue: Holmes Mill Clitheroe

  • Hair: Crystal Hair

  • Makeup: Katrina Mcguigan


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